Ignite Your Fire

  • Are you fed up and frustrated with feeling incomplete-knowing that there is "greater" in life for you?

  • Are you sick & tired of living an unfulfilled life...one without true meaning that is tied to your life's purpose?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of moving into your purpose because you don't know what steps to take?

  • Do you struggle finding the time to dedicate to taking care of and investing in you because everything else seems so much more important.

I totally get it. Trust me. 

As women, many of us suffer from the superwoman sydrome. We've been bamboozled to believe that our duty is to serve everyone else first and us last. We take care of our families, our careers, community, church...serving and pouring into others. Then we complain that there is not enough time for "us." Eventually we accept it, and it becomes the norm.  

We proudly wear a superwoman cape that sucks the life out of us through the years, until we are burned out, frustrated, and living everyone else's agenda.  

Been there. Done that.  

Superwoman was partly responsible for getting me into the mess that I was in for years. She sold me a dream--a vision--that wasn't true. Superwoman tricked me into believing that every day I should wake up, put on my cape, and go save the world. I should be super-wife, super-mom, super-friend, super-boss, and "super" in any of the other hats/roles that I took on.  

And I did it. I got up every day and gave everyone the best that I had. I’d wake up, cook breakfast, deliver kids, excel at work, volunteer in my community, go to church, and be there for others. I received accolades and recognition for all of my "super" work. I wore my cape like a badge of honor. It was great…until it wasn't great anymore.  

I was burned out.....

You see, I was so busy giving, giving, giving to everyone else that I failed to prioritize and give to myself. And my failure to properly replenish me left me depleted. I felt low energy, run down, overweight, and frustrated. All of the hopes and dreams that I once had for my life diminished. I stopped dreaming and just started "living." The image/person that I was left with didn't look anything like Lois Lane, a.k.a. Superwoman.  

I had been bamboozled. Superwoman was not my friend--at least not the stereotypical superwoman. That Superwoman was setting me up to live life according to everyone else's needs and not my own. That Superwoman was setting me up to be fat, frustrated, depleted, and vulnerable to end up bitter and remorseful after realizing that I spent so many years taking care of everyone else that I neglected to truly take care of and invest in myself.  

So, I redefined my superwoman. The new redefined superwoman began to truly put me first. I invested in myself—mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and professionally FIRST. I went from fat, frumpy, confused and unfulfilled to fabulous, confident, and living a life filled with purpose.  

And now I specialize in helping women just like you, redefine their superwoman, ignite their fire and start living the life they dream of for themselves.  

Imagine Being Able To:  

  • uncover what's holding you back
  • get clarity on your purpose design the blueprint for your breakthrough
  • create a step-by-step highly actionable plan
  • and start truly living a bold, intentional life  


In my 4 week Ignite Your Fire™ program, I work 1-on-1 with my clients to achieve massive breakthrough and catapult them on a life-changing journey that will have them lit up and ready to blaze the trails to the life that they truly desire.  

You see, if you are anything like me, there are so many great things that you want to accomplish in life. You know that there is a greater purpose for you, and you don't/can't/won't go through this life without figuring out what it is and how to fully walk in it.  

But yet, LIFE keeps getting in the way, as different things just keep coming up.  

  • Work
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Obstacles
  • Distractions  

And so, when it comes to pursuing your dreams/passions/purpose, well...it takes the backburner.  

Although I always wanted desperately to live out my dreams...other things always took the priority. I just didn't have the time, energy, and resources to fully commit to it. Or so I thought...  

Finally, I realized that time was running out. Either I would take the time NOW, or I would risk looking back later in life and being bitter and remoresful because I was so busy serving everyone else that I never really took the time for me.  

And so I did. I took action. And today, I am fully serving my purpose...living out my dreams. In April 2017, I left my 21 year, 6-figure career to venture out and fully live my dream life. And guess what...I project to definitely surpass my corporate income in my first 6 months as a full-time entrepreneur. I stepped out to fully live my dreams.  

And now I help other women Ignite Their Fire™ so they can do the same.  


I believe that you CAN do, be and have EVERYTHING that you think, dream or imagine--if you show up, do the work and allow the magic to happen.  

Are you ready for that? Are you ready to be fully lit up and excited about EVERYTHING in your life? Are you ready to make your latter years the absolute best years of your life? Are you ready to Ignite Your Fire™?  

Well girlfriend, let me tell you, I'm the girl who can help you get there! So, you and I need to chat!

Who is this for...

This is for women who are absolutely, positively ready for change and have a whatever it takes attitude. They know that the change they want is possible and their desire to change supersedes their desire to stay the same. 

These women truly believe in the gifts and possibilities that lie dormant within them and refuse to settle for less than living their best life and commit to making the years ahead the best ever! 

This is for women who are ready to invest in high-level, life-changing, results-driven coaching that passes motivation and focuses on "movement"--getting you to the next level in your life. If you are finally ready to Ignite Your Fire™, let's chat.  

This is NOT for women who are unwilling to invest in themselves, are lazy & unwilling to make time to do the work, are very quick to make excuses, and see themselves as victims. 

This is an intensive 4 week program that will help you get the blueprint to your breakthrough to start living your life passionately and purposefully. If you are scared of living your best life, then this is absolutely NOT for you. This is for the woman who is ready to stop imagining their dream life and start living it.

Is this for you? Yes?

Well click below to schedule a 30 minute consultation with Aprill . Together we will confirm that this is the program for you. From there, we will be off and rolling!!! I'm super excited to speak with you!!!