No more counting calories and losing your mind!

Are you tired of all the conflicting, complex, convoluted information on what it takes to lose weight? 

Are you tired of all the "skinny" women telling you what it takes? 


Well, I totally get it. There is information overload when it comes to the best practices for weight loss. Everyone is an expert, right? And, there are so many "solutions" to the problem that one can easily become confused. Perhaps you have even felt like you needed to be a math scholar to figure it all out. This is a problem. And the even bigger problem is what happens if you DON'T figure it out. Whether you do too much from following an overload of information or do nothing for fear of doing the wrong thing, your weight continues to creep up and potential health issues arrive. Add age to the equation and it can be pretty scary!! 

Well, have no fear. I have a solution for you. Today I am gifting you with my not-so-secret, easy-to-follow steps that have helped me keep off over 70 lbs. of weight for over 6 years! I found freedom from the vicious cycle of dieting, and you can too!

Allow my "Golden Rules for Success" to introduce you to the lifestyle!!!


"This guide has been so useful in helping me understand how to balance my nutrition without obsessing over calories and all the different philosophies we see plastered over the Internet. It has helped me understand balance and how to make a lifestyle out of the habits that are shared. I personally adopted a few principles at a time but now they are second-nature!!" 

--Anne B.

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