Finding Freedom Beyond The Scale

For so long I was hiding, instead of healing.I hid my emotions in my food. I hid my emotions in my defensiveness. I hid my emotions in my solitude. I hid my emotions in my sadness. I hid my emotions in my busyness. I hid my emotions in my codependency. 

This is how I deflected. I deflected the focus off of me and on to other “things.” 

In the meantime, I tried to use these other things to validate me--to make me feel successful; to make me feel loved; to make me feel worthy. 

I remember the first day I finally took the mask off. It happened on accident. Honestly, I never even knew I had issues that needed healing. I thought I was battling with my weight because I was a food addict. I thought I lacked self-confidence because I was fat. I thought I was defensive because I had boundary issues. I thought I was easily offended because people were rude.

I had no idea that "I" was the issue. Me. Because I had issues--issues that needed healing. I didn't know I had a mask that needed to come off. I didn’t know that the direction of my future was waiting on me--to finally step forward and BECOME.

Become willing. Become vulnerable. Become strong. Become whole. Become healed. When I lost 70 pounds, it was part of a greater change within me that happened. That change went beyond the scale.

I finally took the time to realize that my power wasn't lost in exercise or nutrition. My power was lost in me-my life, my stories, my habits, my patterns, my hurts. They were all sabotaging me. The weight was just another factor.

I am so thankful that I took my power back. Today I am healthy, happy, healed and whole. And my journey has allowed me to understand the struggle for many women that goes beyond the scale. I understand what it is to get lost in life. I know what it is to be excited about some parts of life but yet feel hopeless about others. I understand the shame and frustration that comes in feeling inadequate and less than. I understand the embarrassment and disappointment when looking at the reflection in the mirror. I understand hiding behind jogging suits, cute shoes, or expensive handbags.

But if you really want freedom, you can get it. God doesn't love me more than He does you. The same victory that He has granted me is available to you. But it only comes with intent. It only comes with action. It comes with intentional action.

If you believe that you are worthy and recognize that it's time to invest in true healing, then take intentional action now. Let's chat. 


Allow me to share a bit more...

I support busy moms and professional women to help them find freedom beyond the scale and get the true resolve required to not only lose weight & keep it off but to also attain the healing they need in other areas of their life that have indirectly fed into their obesity issues.

You see, many women are chasing surface-level solutions instead of truly digging deep to uncover the real obstacles that are standing in the way of them losing weight and living a healthy, happy, whole life from a wholistic or whole-person perspective. I help them bring their mindset, their lifestyle, their health, and their actions into alignment so they can live the amazing life that they envision for themselves.  

Without my help, these women may never figure out what has truly been holding them back from experiencing pure bliss, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives, never fully embrace the person they see in the mirror and thus never enjoy the fullness of what their life has to offer. They will look back and realize that they were so busy wearing so many hats and serving so many people that they never truly served themselves. They will remain overweight, chasing the wrong things in life, and never truly get to experience what it is to be fully alive and living on purpose, with purpose, and in purpose. They will regret having lived life on life's terms instead of living fully in alignment with God's plan and purpose for their lives.  

And regardless of all the achievements & accolades, they receive in life, they will continue to struggle daily with the desire to truly love the person they see in the mirror and will question what their life would have been like if they were truly living with aligned action towards the things that make their heart passionately stir. They will also live at risk of health complications and spend exorbitant amounts of money chasing quick fixes only to repeatedly feel like a failure. They will feel diminished in the shadows of others truly living the life they desire and become bitter and full of regret for not having taken the time to truly serve themselves.

But with my help, these women will finally find FREEDOM...freedom not only ON the scale, but beyond it. They will have true healing from the "things" that were REALLY holding them back...past hurts & pains, lack of boundaries, low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, fear, self-defeat, family history--whatever we uncover as the true source of years of bondage. They will eliminate the barriers to their success, achieve long-term sustainable weight loss, and get freedom from the embarrassment and shame they secretly lived in to now feel bold, beautiful, and in love with the person they see in the mirror every day. They will finally experience the freedom to fully live alive--on purpose, with purpose, and in purpose. 

This benefits everything in their life because when they learn to better serve themselves, weight loss is only ONE of the benefits. When the love and light shine again from having truly found healing, these women become full of passion, power, and purpose. The boldness and confidence they experience by truly loving the person they see in the mirror allow them to release an abundance of overflow into all areas of their lives—positively impacting all the people they serve—their family, friends, work, and community.

The way I help these women is by taking them through a 6-step process where we begin by getting clarity on where they are, what they want, and how to get there. Next, we prepare their mind for the journey. Then we get crystal clear on their objectives. We prepare a plan and break it down. We implement the plan. And finally, we focus on making it a lifestyle. Together...we do the work using a personalized, structured program full of support, accountability, and all the tools you need to succeed. 

I'm not just a personal trainer who develops personalized training plans. I'm not just a nutriton specialist who customizes meal plans. I am also a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Overcomer of these very same issues. I use all of my skills powerfully together to TRANSFORM lives...from the inside out. You will never be the same again.  

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